Amateur Radio Products

Amateur Radio Products

We are pleased to announce the introduction of amateur radio products, developed by Amateurs but produced commercially.

Amateur Radio Antenna Mounting Systems

parksburg 018IMG_3224

Looking for a commercial quality tower antenna mounting solution?  In collaboration with W3GMS, a superior tower antenna mount has been developed.  This sleeve in tube design allows the installer to erect and service the antenna by sliding the arms in towards the tower, eliminating the binding normally associated with the use of traditional gusset plates or the need for expensive crane rental.

To find out more about this antenna install located in Parkesburg, PA  Click Here


P.U.R.S.E .     Portable Universal Radio Sytem Enclosure

IMG_3373 IMG_3479

The PURSE is the ultimate radio system enclosure! Whether you need something for EMCOMM use, go box or a portable sytem, this enclosure has the versatilty you need.  Designed to fit most radios  and you can put either power supplies or antenna tuners in the lower compartment.  The one system, pictured on the left, is used as a portable crossband repeater.
Check back often as new products are always under development. 

If you have a project or concept, contact us for fabrication. 


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