Sheet Metal Fabrication

2020 is celebrating our 56th anniversary.
Since 1964, Holly Metals, Inc. has been one of the leading producers of high quality precision sheet metal fabrication. This is more than 20,000 days of successful operation since we started our business over fifty years ago.


In an effort to give back and show our apreciation for the hard work and risks our First Responders take on a daily basis, Holly Metals, Inc is offering an exclusive First Responder Discount Program.

Police Officers, Firefighters and EMTs put their lives on the line for us every day. They are the first people on the scene when an emergency strikes. While everyone else is running away, these brave men and women are running towards dangerous situations to save and protect people of our community.

Holly Metals, Inc. would like to extend our sincerest thank you to all Police Officers, members of the military, Firefighters, EMTs by offering these special disounts.


first responder discount

Holly Metals Wins Region 3 Small Business Subcontractor of the Year

Holly Metals wins award for Small Business Subcontractor of the Year (1993) from The US Small Business Administration.

The procurement award small business winners provide a broad range of products and services to the federal government and private industry including environmental remediation services, the construction of transmission lines, aviation management and staffing services, and they hail from 18 states from Massachusetts to Alaska.

Holly Metals Designs World-Class Charcoal Smoker

Smoked and barbecued foods are as much a part of summer as baseball and apple pie. Often, people are apprehensive to attempt smoking their own meats. But, with a little bit of knowledge, the process can be quite simple to learn. Here are some tips to use when using a charcoal smoker to smoke meats and vegetables for a cookout.

It is believed that the smoking of food dates back to the time of primitive cavemen. As caves or simple huts lacked chimneys, these dwellings could become very smoky. The primitive men would often hang meat up to dry, and it is presumed that at some point they became aware that meat that was stored in smoky areas acquired a different flavor and was better preserved than meat that simply dried out. Over time this process was combined with pre-curing the food in salt or salty brines, resulting in a remarkably effective preservation process that was adapted or developed independently by numerous cultures around the world. Until the modern era, smoking was of a more “heavy duty” nature as the main goal was to preserve the food. Large quantities of salt were used in the curing process and smoking times were quite long, sometimes involving days of exposure.

Holly Metals Charcoal Smoker
Custom-Designed Holly Metals Charcoal Smoker

The advent of modern transportation made it easier to transport food products over long distances and the need for the time and material intensive heavy salting and smoking declined. Smoking came to be seen more as way to flavor than to preserve food. In 1939 a device called the Torry Kiln was invented at the Torry Research Station in Scotland. The kiln allowed for uniform mass-smoking and is considered the prototype for all modern large-scale commercial smokers. Although refinements in technique and advancements in technology have made smoking much easier, the basic steps involved remain essentially the same today as they were hundreds if not thousands of years ago.