Sheet Metal Fabrication

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Over Fifty Years of Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

Since 1964, Holly Metals, Inc. has been one of the leading producers of high quality precision sheet metal fabrication. This is more than 18,000 days of successful operation since we started our business over fifty years ago.

Our customers will be able to count on us today, tomorrow, and in the future for dependable and reliable service. Our sheet metal custom fabrication, press brake forming, punching, bending and welding capabilities have grown over the years too. Customers appreciate our old and new technology for precise and quality products.

We constantly talk with customers that are looking to create products that our vital to their company. They are not only from a two-man shop, but also from Fortune 500 companies. These businesses are seeking quality workmanship, custom spec fabrication, and deliveries with short or long lead times. Holly Metals can provide all of this. We also offer consultation for our customers. There are times when a customer needs special attention for one or many of his or her projects. This is one benefit that you will definitely find at Holly Metals. Our customers have been happy with all of our services during our 50 years in business.

Let us help your company to gain new customers and praise for the products you produce. Being a partner with a company like Holly Metals will make your job and life easier. The next time you have a custom sheet metal job please consider Holly Metals, Inc. to take care of that job for you.